R.I.P Facebook?

What started as a small news story by a coroner sparked a Twitter trending topic, and now a NTFM assignment. R.I.P Facebook. Is the social media giant on life support, or is it in rude health?

First, a few stats and figures:

In 2011, over 0.5 Billion people had an active Facebook account, with half of these logging in everyday, and was the most popular search term in the U.S.A in 2011  (Video about Facebook)

Facebook themselves claim to have .845 Billion users as of December 2011.

Somehow, I don’t see Mark Zuckerberg being too worried, these are astronomical membership figures, and Facebook has no true competitors in the social media marketplace at this time. Twitter serves a different purpose, and with its 140 character limits and lack of social gaming or app fweatures doews not offer anywhere near the interactivity that Facebook does. Google+ has not been adopted by anywhere near the numbers expected.

Plus, Facebook has beaten Bebo, Myspace, Friendster, Hi-Five and numerous others that attempted to compete with it. It is a juggernaut of social media.

Facebook is in a position where it can extend it’s brand into other areas, which will guard against future competitors and creat new revenue streams( possibly a synchronised YouTube style video site?)

But social media users are a fickle bunch, and our loyalty can be bought and sold for less than a Farmville micro-transaction. Facebook will need to continuously improve and stay fresh if it wants to avoid becoming just another tombstone in the graveyard of social media.


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