Comic books are gay(from a fan)

O.k, for those of you not in the know, D.C Comics, publishers of Batman,Nightwing,Superman,Aquaman and hosts of other pop culture icons and recognisable comic creations,recently announced there would be an “iconic-level” superhero coming out of the closet.

Now, this is an interesting topic for a number of reasons to me personally, having gotten into reading comic books only these last two years.

First things first: let’s leave the stereotypical “all comics are nerdy and gay by default” view by the door. Comics ARE seen as nerdy, but they also offer more room for creative licence with characters than traditional novella publishings and almost any other medium. I used to have this view, until Batman Arkham Asylum came out for the Xbox 360 and, to a lesser extent, the Christopher Nolan Batman films came out. These genre-transcending  offering saved Batman from ridicule, and opened the door for other heroes to get repackaged (The Avengers, for example) for a new audience.

The gay issue is something that cannot be avoided. Muscled men, running around in tight-fitting spandex and rubber is something that looks like a Village People comeback.

The Avengers in the Eighties?

However, I would counter this arguement that the comics are not gay, but due to their nature, an exaggerated view of the sexes simplified to it’s lowest common factor. For the male heroes, that means tight costumes and strong jaws, for heroines, large breasts and very little clothes. Characters like Black Canary, Huntress and Catwoman for the Batman comics, as well as Wonder Woman, have always been portrayed as sexy,seductive women,almost as caricatures of real life.

Anyway with these facts in mind, I can now reveal the Gay Iconic Character that D.C has been teasing is…..

Alan Scott!

Wait, what? That’s some guys office flunkie right? Works in shipping?

No, dear readers, and stick with me, cause things get weird form here on.

Alan Scott is apparently the original Green Lantern from Earth 2,an alternate version of our Earth that exists in parallel within the D.C universe. Confused yet? No,o.k then, try this on for size.

Green Lantern has only recently had enough had a film release in 2011(starring the awful piece of man candy that is Ryan Reynolds) wherGreen Lantern is NOT Alan Scott, but is the more universally recognised and accepted-as-Green Lantern Hal Jordan, former test pilot for the United States Air Force.

So, we have a relatively unknown version of a superhero that not everyone is familiar with from an alternate universe turn gay. Shocker, right?

Well,not really, no.

When D.C first made this announcement, I was cheering them on. Having a kick-ass iconic superhero who just happens to like guys would be sucha great role model for kids, showing them that being gay is no big deal and doesn’t define you.

While I knew the hero turning gay could never be Batman(due to his many female love affairs within the comics, films, games and any other media he’s in)Superman(he’s got Lois Lane, famously played by Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives fame) or Aquaman(too easy, he’s been made fun of too many times), I was really hoping it was Hal Jordan or The Flash. However, to hear it’s an alternate universe, relatively unknown version of a more popular hero just feels like cheating, and a small slap in the face to both the gay community and the comic reading one.

Aslo, no joke, the weaknesses of Alan Scott’s Green Lantern. WOOD. His strength comes from a FLAMING RING. C’mon D.C, innuendos are only funny when we have to search for them.

So, until next time readers, Live long and Prosper, Keep Watching the Skys, and stay tuned, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel(or y’know, whenever I feel strongly enough to write again)


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