Here is the team video for #NTFM on AIB and SEO.



What I learned from New Technologies

Here is a list of things I learned while doing New Technologies For Marketers:

  • Max Buckley hates social media
  • Blogs can be useful and actually fun
  • Twitter can be more addicting than sex
  • Ads follow me around the Internet(looking at you Groupon!)
  • Heat mapping(so useful for marketers and ad placement online)
  • The Search Bubble, a scary thought that Google is watching us constantly)

    Google is watching…

  • THQ has one of the worst Marketing and New Product Develpoment sections I’ve ever seen

And much more…

Honestly, this has been one of the most enjoyable lectures I’ve ever been in, for the simple reason that it didn’t feel like a lecture. Playing on Facebook, learning about Twitter, blogging about stuff that’s actually interesting, that’s probably what I would have ended up doing anyway!

While the theory was a little tough to swallow without being able to have a demonstration in the lectures, the labs were such a perfect way to unwind and learn about something that may well be a large part of our future careers.